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Creatine, Magnesium Combo Improve Power, Weight Gain


Creatine, Magnesium Combo Improve Power, Weight Gain

BELLINGHAM, Wash.Combining creatine with magnesium supplements can increase body weight, power and peak torque compared to placebo, with a magnesium-creatine chelate being more bioavailable than a stacked supplement, according to researchers from Western Washington University (Metabolism, 52, 9:1136-40, 2003). Researchers noted it is unclear what proportion of weight gain during creatine supplementation is due to fluid retention and what proportion is due to increased lean body mass. To investigate, they studied the effects of two magnesium-creatine supplements on total body water and cellular fluid compartments, peak torque, total work and power in physically active, young subjects. Magnesium was added to a creatine regimen because magnesium deficiency makes the body unable to obtain energy from creatine.

Researchers randomly assigned 35 young men (ages 19 to 24) to take four equal doses of 800 mg/d of magnesium plus 5 g/d of creatine, magnesium-creatine chelate (at the same dosage levels, as Creatine MagnaPower, provided by St. Clair Shores, Mich.-based Albion Advanced Nutrition) or placebo for two weeks while maintaining regular exercise routines. At the end of the study period, significant weight gains were noted in both treatment groups compared to placebo. In addition, the chelate group gained total body water and exhibited changes in relative body water compartments. The statistically significant effects in compartmental water shifts in [the chelate group], but not [the stacked group], may indicate a greater availability of cellular creatine in the [chelate]-supplemented group, the researchers wrote.

Additional findings showed significant changes in peak torque in both treatment groups compared to placebo. Both treatment groups also tended to do more work and exhibited increases in power from baseline compared to the placebo group.

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