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Boosting Energy to New Levels of Greatness

energy products packaging mock up
If your newest energy booster drink, gel candy or supplement is breaking new ground and fueling consumers to new levels of greatness, enter the 7th Annual SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards and be recognized along with other innovative finished product launches from CPG companies.

Next to money, energy is the currency the whole world wants. The energy category has always enjoyed some kind of buzz, and products to fuel workouts and daily activities are often at the forefront of CPG innovation. Energy drinks have been the staple for convenient boosts on demand, but this category of energy products has matured, according to Euromonitor International, which has reported shifting consumer ingredient preferences and new regulations have opened a wide door for novel alternatives to drinks, supplements and foods.

Energias Market Research has singled out energy gels as a rising alternative format, due to their promises of rapid absorption and ease of use, especially during exercise. The firm predicted the global energy gel market to ride a 7.2 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) to grow from US$472 million in 2016, to $767 million in 2023. These products have been most popular in North America and are most often purchased online, two trends Energias expects to hold steady through 2023. Chocolate flavor is expected grow faster than other flavors.

Across all energy categories, high value, wellness-positioned energy product launches are featuring natural caffeine sources led by coffee but also including regional favorites such as yerba mate, guayusa and emerging ingredients like yaupon, according to Euromonitor.

If your new energy product has the high value, innovative approaches the market is demanding, I invite you to enter the 7th Annual SupplySide CPG Editor's Choice Awards in the Energy Booster category. These awards recognize innovative finished products launched to the U.S. consumer market between July 2017 and August 2018 in 30 categories across the supplement and food and beverage markets.

Products must be submitted by the CPG brands or their representatives, not by ingredient or component suppliers. The submission deadline is Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018.

Winners are selected by the editors based on market innovation, consumer need, scientific substantiation, integrity and the “cool” factor. Finalists will be showcased through the SupplySide Health & Nutrition Network brands, and winners announced at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, Nov. 6-10, 2018.

For more than 20 years, SupplySide has helped those in the food, beverage, dietary supplement, animal nutrition, personal care and cosmetic industries break through the hype and ambiguity to find the information they need to explore, discover, innovate and market their next best-selling product.


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