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Valensa Partners With Algae Biomass Organization To Drive Innovation In MIcroalgae Nutraceuticals

Recognizing algae as a source of sustainable nutrition,&nbsp;<b>Valensa International</b>&nbsp;announced today that it has joined the&nbsp;<b>Algae Biomass Organization (ABO)</b>&nbsp;in order to drive innovation in microalgae nutraceuticals and functional foods.&nbsp;

Press Release

Recognizing algae as a source of sustainable nutrition, Valensa International announced today that it has joined the Algae Biomass Organization (ABO) in order to drive innovation in microalgae nutraceuticals and functional foods. 

The Algae Biomass Organization (ABO), a major trade association for the algae industry has accepted Valensa as a pioneer of algae technology and products. Valensa joins the growing ranks of companies and organizations that are becoming part of the ABO to create awareness about microalgae as a sustainable source of human nutrition, animal feed, water treatment services, chemicals, fuels, and countless other products. 

"We are excited to have industry leader Valensa join the Algae Biomass Organization’s efforts to expand the availability of algae-based products in dozens of markets,” said Matt Carr, executive director of the Algae Biomass Organization. “Valensa’s experience commercializing advanced technologies in human health and nutrition are among the most important for an industry that is just beginning show its potential to provide new products, improve global sustainability, and trigger new economic growth.”

Headquartered in Eustis, Florida USA (near Orlando), Valensa International is a leading designer of science-based, naturally-sourced proprietary blends of ingredients for nutritional supplements and functional foods. Valensa International is the proud owner of more than 60 US and International Patents for Formulations and Manufacturing (Deep Extract® Supercritical CO2 and O2B® Peroxidation Blocker stabilization.) 

Valensa is spearheading the future of Microalgae nutrition, finding unique ways to incorporate various microalgae sources into blends that support a healthy lifestyle.

Umasudhan, CEO and President, said Valensa is a “disruptive innovator” in microalgae-based nutraceuticals who creates sustainable indication-specific solutions for enhanced health. “Valensa and affiliate Parry Nutraceuticals have been diligently working on expanding the scope of microalgae production technology including controlled race-way cultures, hybrid closed systems and fermentation technology needed to create safe, efficacious, microalgae-based nutraceuticals.” 

Valensa’s scientific team specializes in developing clinical research and intellectual property in order to introduce unique condition-specific formulations. Valensa offers products for Joint Care (FlexPro MD®, FlexPro ES®), Eye Health (EyePro MD®), Cardio (MegaCardio™, Tresalbio®), Anti-aging & General Health (Parry Organic Spirulina, Parry Organic Chlorella, Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin), Immunity (Immunum™, Euglena Gracilis), Men’s Health (USPlus® Saw Palmetto Extract, Prostate 360™) and Women’s Health (Cran-Gyn®, FemCool®)

Additionally, Valensa has completed clinical work, and continues clinical research, to revolutionize the standard of care in the Immune Health category. Several microalgae approaches have already shown great promise, according to Uma. Valensa is currently in the process of defining microalgae strains and commercialization technology to manufacture algae-derived Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA).

“Exclusive algae-based formulations will become the next generation of nutraceuticals to accommodate growing consumer demand for safe, healthy, sustainable-sourced, and all-natural products,” said Uma. “We look forward to building the future of sustainable algae with the support of the ABO.”

Valensa is committed to production and processing that supports the environment and fair labor practices for those that work the land and participate in the production process. Valensa's certified organic production facilities are also located in a protected pine/saw palmetto grove. For more information, visit

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