Polydextrose Receives New FDA Approvals

October 31, 2007

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Polydextrose Receives New FDA Approvals

A reduced-sugar, low-calorie label might entice consumers to buy a food product once, but if the product doesnt taste good, consumers arent going to buy it again. Recently, Dansico obtained FDA approval for polydextrose to be used in expanded food categories. This approval (Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 172, Section 841) allows for polydextrose to be used as a bulking agent, formulation aid, humectant and texturizer in all foods except meat, poultry, baby foods and infant formulas. Now, polydextrose ingredients, such as Litesse® from Danisco, make the formulation of great-tasting, more healthful foods easier than ever.

Litesse is a 1 kcal per gram specialty carbohydrate that offers a wide range of physiological and functional benefits, says Donna Brooks, regional director. Used as a replacement for sugar and fat in food products, it reduces calories while improving flavor, texture and mouthfeel. At the same time, Litesse provides prebiotic benefits and fiber, contributes to satiety, and is low-glycemic. It can be used to create a range of better-for-you foods and beverages.

In baked goods, Litesse functions similarly to sucrose, and a 50:50 combination of Litesse and crystalline lactitol can fully replace the functional properties of sucrose. Further, Litesse alters thermal setting properties by delaying gelatinization of starch, and provides humectancy, which improves texture and mouthfeel, and extends shelf life. The ingredient also inhibits moisture migration from fillings into the crust in composite bakery products, acts as a crisping agent in low-moisture applications and undergoes Maillard browning.

The ingredients high water solubility (up to 80% w/w solutions at 68°F) and high viscosity make it an effective addition to confectionery, and it can be used to replace sucrose in chocolate for a creamy texture without a mouth-cooling effect or scratchy aftertaste. In addition, Litesse has a high viscosity and freezing-point depression that allows manufacturers to use it in place of sugar and fat in ice cream.

Although it possesses many of the functional properties of sugar, Litesse is essentially non-sweet, says Brooks. However, it is compatible with sugars and high-potency sweeteners, allowing the sweetness of formulations to be easily balanced. The clean, neutral taste of Litesse also helps mask the off-notes that can result from the addition of soy, vitamins, minerals and other supplements found in nutritional products.

Danisco manufactures Litesse polydextrose using a proprietary process that efficiently removes impurities, Brooks continues. Litesse is available in powder, granulated and liquid forms, and in several gradesLitesse, Litesse Two and Litesse Ultra.

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