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Nutegrity Debuts New Website

<p>Nutegrity launched its new corporate website to offer information on the company&rsquo;s sustainably sourced marine, protein and nutraceutical ingredient offerings, as well as their applications in products ranging from sports nutrition to beverages.</p>

IRVINE, Calif.—Nutegrity launched its new corporate website to offer information on the company’s sustainably sourced marine, protein and nutraceutical ingredient offerings, as well as their applications in products ranging from sports nutrition to beverages. 

The website also highlights Nutegrity’s commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing. The company’s three U.S.-based manufacturing facilities follow strict quality standards and maintain sustainability protocols to benefit every part of the supply chain. Nutegrity is also involved in each step of the manufacturing process for its fish oil products—from the fishing vessels to oil distillation—allowing the company to control quality and traceability at every step. This commitment to sustainable, environmentally conscious manufacturing, along with innovative research and development, exemplary customer service and dedication to community advancement, allows Nutegrity to deliver the best end product to its customer base.

In addition, the new website also offers a news and events page dedicated to informing the public on the latest product launches, division announcements and events where you can meet a Nutegrity representative. Alternatively, Nutegrity offers a quarterly newsletter where individuals can subscribe to corporate and industry updates. 

Recently, Nutegrity also partnered with Oceans Omega LLC to add an aqueous omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)/docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) delivery system to its line of omega-3 ingredients for dietary supplement, food and beverage applications.

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