Malt Basics

<p>Malt ingredients, including powders and extracts, are a versatile addition providing subtle or unique flavors and colors in many foods.</p>

Malting is the process of sprouting and drying a grain seed. For descriptive and labeling purposes, the use of the term “malt,” unqualified, refers to malted barley, as the majority of the cereal grain malted in the world is barley. It’s the ideal cereal grain for malting because it is self-contained—with a husk to protect the germ—and it has a high starch-to-protein ratio for high yields, is a complete enzyme system, with self-adjusting pH, light color and neutral flavor. Judie Giebel, technical service representative, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co., shares details on malt powders and extracts, along with application ideas.

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