Healthy INSIDER Podcast: SupplySide East 2018 Trends

Prebiotics for synergistic support of the microbiome, an emphasis on clinical research on ingredients, interest in beauty from within offerings and unique delivery forms. All of this and more were on display at SupplySide East 2018.

SupplySide East 2018 returned to Secaucus, New Jersey, for the first time since 2011, delivering to the Northeast a solutions-focused event around ingredients and supply chain solutions. In this episode, Steve Myers, INSIDER managing editor, and Heather Granato, vice president of content, Informa Exhibitions, discuss the top trends they discovered at SupplySide East 2018.

These included:

Beauty from within

Cold-water dispersible ingredients for beverage formulation

Collagen for bone, joint and muscle health

Delivery systems beyond pills—from gummies to “pixie sticks”

Energy boosters without caffeine

Prebiotics and probiotics

Scientific research both into new ingredients and broadening an existing portfolio

Vitamin K2


The editors also discuss ingredients from several companies including:



Anderson Global Group


Bioenergy Life Sciences


Horphag Research




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