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Food Puduct Design - Spotlight 32156Food Puduct Design - Spotlight

January 5, 2006

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Food Puduct Design - Spotlight

Low-sodium soy sauce from KikkomanInternational Inc. helps products meet FDA nutritional and lower-saltrequirements. Made with naturally brewed soy sauce, it provides a less-saltyflavor with typical brewed notes from fermentation. For use in applications such as salad dressings, sauces ormarinades.

Visit www.kikkoman-usa.com

Eliane™, a GMO-free amylopectin potato starch from AvebeFood, contains more than 99% amylopectin. It allowsfunctionality, texture and cost-saving opportunities in food products. This starch imparts a creamy taste and shiny appearance infruit fillings, desserts, sauces and bakery creams.

Visit www.avebe.com

Two soluble rice protein powders from A&BIngredients give product designers newprotein-fortification choices. One has a 75% protein content on a dry-matterbasis for higher soluble protein, while the other has 65% protein content on adry-matter basis. One powder can fortify solid foods while the other is suitedto liquids, such as breakfast drinks, rice drinks, smoothies, infant milks andmeal-replacement beverages.

Visit www.abingredients.com

Sweet ‘N’ Neat® dry molasses and honey crystalblends from ADM provide asweet, clean flavor and enhanced flow-ability in products such as bagels,muffins, cakes, cookies, snacks and seasonings.

Visit www.admworld.com

Ultragrain® white whole-wheat flour delivers the finetexture of white flour, but with the benefits of whole-grain nutrients likefiber, minerals and phytonutrients. Created by ConAgra Food Ingredients,it is lighter, softer and smoother in texture compared to whole-wheat flours.Ideal uses include baked products, such as breads, crackers, cookies, pizzadough, pasta and pastries.

Call 402/595-4282

Ice-cream ingredient solutions, such as colors and sweetflavors combined with probiotics BB-12® and LA-5®, from Chr. Hansen, Inc. helpice-cream manufacturers develop indulgent and healthy products. With the company’sportfolio of colors, any natural or synthetic color is possible. Flavors rangefrom sweet browns like dulce de leche to exotic fruits and berries.

Visit www.chr-hansen.com

Natural Fennel Type Flavor, a water-soluble liquid from FlavorDynamics, Inc., imparts the aromatic herb’sanise-spice foreground with tasteful, earthy overtones. This heatandfreeze/thaw-stable flavor is suitable for marinades, soups, sauces, baked goodsand natural chewing gums.

Visit www.flavordynamics.com

All-natural Bread Ready® meats from HormelFoods are processed with TrueTaste™ technology thatinhibits bacterial growth and kills pathogens without affecting the meat’sflavor. The technology eliminates the need for chemical preservatives andprolongs shelf life in sliced meats.

DairyHOX™, an enzyme from Danisco,whitens and extends the shelf life of pizza cheese and helps control the colorof cooked cheese. The ingredient acts as an oxygen scavenger by providingbrowning control that creates a lighter and brighter color of cooked cheese.

Call 800/255-6837

Flavoresins™ from Mastertaste areall-natural flavor blends composed of oleoresins and essential oils. Theseblends provide distinctive flavor enhancement for a wide variety of foods. Keybenefits include high-impact flavor, instant solubility and flavor release,versatility, and customized blending.

Visit www.mastertaste.com

B-5 film, created by VectorPackaging, is designed for high-volume cooked ham,turkey breast and processed-meat applications. Available in all product shapes and sizes, it providesbalanced shrink, controlled cling and a seal strength that stays sealed over awide temperature range.

Visit www.vectorpackaging.com

To meet consumer concerns regarding obesity, health andwellness, Mastertaste hasdeveloped Sweetness Enhancer/Sugar Extenders to help products maintain theirfull-bodied, original taste while partially reducing the sugar or sweetenercontent. Both products can be used in virtually any reduced-sugar orcarbohydrate foods or beverage application and are easily suitable andcustomizable in a wide variety of applications.

Visit www.mastertaste.com

Offering R&D support for product development,manufacturing operations and brand strategy, the flavor engineers at McClancySeasoning Co. create new opportunities for its clientsby developing exciting and distinctive new flavors that manufacturers can easilyreproduce, efficiently and consistently, every time.

Visit www.mcclancy.com

Dairy-Lo® from Parmalat Canada deliversa creamy mouth-feel and clean, milky flavor. This ingredient, made from wheyprotein concentrate, has the functional properties of fat, but with reduced-fatand trans-fat content.Recommended applications include reduced-fat ice cream, yogurt, cheese, muffins,cookies, cream sauces and fillings.

Call 877/891-0811

Palatinose™ sugar substitute created by Palatinitprovides the natural, sweet taste of honey and sugarcane, but with a slower digestion rate than sugar. This slow digestion breakdownpromotes fat oxidation, which supports weight management. It also has a lowglycemic index and low insulinemic response to help avoid peaks in blood sugarand insulin.

Call 973/912-4400

Ceamgel 1313, Ceamvis 3303 and Ceamgel M-9393 are threenew carrageenan systems offered from P. L. Thomas.Ceamgel, an iota carrageenan, is suitable for injection or tumbling and improveswater retention, storage and display of raw or marinated products. The othersystems improve heat resistance, texture and sliceability of cooked and slicedproducts.

Visit www.plthomas.com

Capture chargrill notes using low-trans-fatty-acid Grillin’® flavors from Red Arrow ProductsCompany. This line of flavors, made with nonhydrogenated oils, includescharred notes, savory juices, smoke components and flavors from a heat source,such as charcoal. Available in oil and dry forms, most flavors are non-GMO andkosher-certified.

Visit www.redarrowusa.com

All-natural, water-soluble passion- fruit flavoringsystems from Robertet Flavors, Inc. addfresh, exotic flavoring to various products, such as beverages, dairy, yogurt,ice cream, dressings, syrups, sauces and more. Available flavors include passionfruit, passion fruit grape, passion fruit mango and passion fruit orange.

Visit www.robertet.com

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