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Algatechnologies Extends Shelf Life of AstaPure Natural Algae Astaxanthin

Article-Algatechnologies Extends Shelf Life of AstaPure Natural Algae Astaxanthin

<p>In unpublished research, Algatechnologies successfully increased the shelf life of AstraPure natural algae astaxanthin.</p>

Algatechnologies (Algatech) announced the successful completion of stability studies for its AstaPure line of natural astaxanthin products. The unpublished research included the successful increase of a recommended retest date for its leading ingredient, 10 percent astaxanthin oleoresin, to four years at room temperature. This shelf-life extension was approved after completion of more than four years of real-time stability studies, indicating significantly better shelf life conditions than those of other brands.

To test how various environmental conditions affect the stability of astaxanthin in finished products, Algatech performed a series of experiments on the concentration of natural astaxanthin in AstaPure products to study the influence of air, heat and light, as well combinations of different environments,  over extended periods of time.

In light of the impressive results of the studies, we are able to extend AstaPures shelf-life at room temperature with complete confidence, providing that the packages remain sealed in their original containers," said Oran Ayalon, PhD. , director for research and development at Algatech. In order to make sure the temperature is controlled and to further extend the shelf life, it is recommended to store the product in refrigerated conditions."

Unlike artificial astaxanthin, natural algae Astaxanthin is a highly potent antioxidant, exhibiting approximately 500 times greater effectiveness than tocopherol (vitamin E). AstaPure natural algae astaxanthin has been shown to improve athletes' performance, protect the skin from premature aging and enhance cardiovascular health.

Algatech is a biotechnology company specializing in the commercial cultivation of microalgae and is a producer and supplier of natural astaxanthin. The AstaPure line of products is used as active ingredients in the dietary supplements, food and cosmetics industries.

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