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Articles from 2009 In October

FTC Gives Whole Foods an Extension

FTC Gives Whole Foods More Time

WASHINGTONWhole Foods markets (NASDAQ:QFMI) will have more time to divest 32 Wild Oats stores and the Wild Oats brand, as FTC has extended the time requirement to March 2010. The original order required an FTC-appointed trustee to sell 13 operating and 19 closed Wild Oats locations and the Wild Oats brand to an FTC-approved buyer by Sept. 8, 2009, six months after the original order became final.

New England E. coli Outbreak Spreads

WASHIGTONFood Safety News is reporting that an outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 in Massachusetts associated with this weeks recall of 1,039 pounds of fresh ground beef patties is growing and now includes cases in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

To date, more than 30 school children and adults from Rhode Island have been sickened by E. coli, and five have been hospitalized after consuming contaminated meat during a field trip earlier this month.

On Oct. 27, Crocetti's Oakdale Packing Co., doing business as South Shore Meats, Inc., Brockton, Mass., recalled fresh ground beef patties derived from bench trim as well as mechanically tenderized beef cuts that may be contaminated with E. coli.

Moms Veggie Intake Decreases Kids Diabetes Risk

GOTHENBURG, SwedenExpectant mothers who eat vegetables every day seem to have children who are less likely to develop type 1 diabetes, according to a new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy that was published in the journal Pediatric Diabetes.

"This is the first study to show a link between vegetable intake during pregnancy and the risk of the child subsequently developing type 1 diabetes, but more studies of various kinds will be needed before we can say anything definitive," said researcher and clinical nutritionist Hilde Brekke.

Blood samples from almost 6,000 5-year olds were analyzed in the study. Of the 6,000 children tested, 3 percent had either elevated levels of these antibodies or fully developed type 1 diabetes at the age of five. These risk markers were up to twice as common in children whose mothers rarely ate vegetables during pregnancy. The risk was lowest among children whose mothers stated that they ate vegetables every day.

"We cannot say with certainty on the basis of this study that it's the vegetables themselves that have this protective effect, but other factors related to vegetable intake, such as the mother's standard of education, do not seem to explain the link," Brekke said. "Nor can this protection be explained by other measured dietary factors or other known risk factors."

Halloween Candy Sales Up 2%

SACRAMENTO, Calif. A recent article in the Sacramento Bee revealed that Halloween candy sales increased nearly 2 percent this year with people spending about $18 on average. U.S. adults will spend an estimated $2.23 billion on 600 million pounds of goodies that will be handed out to nine out of 10 kids Saturday night.

NKO Covered by European Patent

LAVAL, Quebec Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. received a European use patent, Krill Extracts for Prevention and/or Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases. Additionally, in mid-October, the companys Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®) was officially approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as a Novel Food and PARNUTS for immediate commercialization in the European Union.

According to Tina Sampalis, Ph.D., Neptunes chief scientific officer, the combination of the patent and the EFSA approval should combine to strategically pursue the use of krill oil for heart health in Europe. Wael Massrieh, director of R&D at Neptune, added, Being patent protected and the pioneer at penetrating the European market is a strategically significant accomplishment, allowing Neptune to pursue this market in an open field. The company also stated its intention to address situations of patent infringement or products sold without regulatory approval to protect its commercial position.

American Ingredients Now NSF GMP

ANAHEIM, Calif. American Ingredients Inc. received GMP (good manufacturing practice) certification from NSF International, the first ingredient distributor to be so certified. NSF audited the American Ingredients facility in Anaheim to ensure compliance with NSFs American National Standard 173, which is consistent with FDAs GMP requirements. American Ingredients will now be listed as GMP compliant on the NSF Web site, and undergo annual audits by NSF to ensure ongoing conformity.

The NSF GMP certification program is one of the more recognizable and comprehensive audit programs in our industry, said George Joseph, vice president/general manager, American Ingredients, a division of Pharmachem Laboratories. We are very proud to have successfully completed their stringent audit and to have been awarded this certification. Our customers can be assured that American Ingredients is committed to meeting all of the new FDA GMP regulations that govern our industry and have confidence that all raw materials purchased from our facility have been qualified and verified.

Curcumin Kills Cancer Cells Quickly

CORK, IrelandResearchers from the University College Cork and Mercy University Hospital, Cork, reported curcumin started killing cancer cells within 24 hours of administration in laboratory tests. They investigated the phytochemical commonly found in the curry spice turmeric and its effects on esophageal cancer, which they said is increasingly prevalent and has poor survival rates. Curcumins effect on cancer cells was not due only to inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death), and cancer cells in two of the cell lines studied began to digest themselves, according to researchers. Lead author Sharon McKenna noted in killing cancer cells, curcumin used a system of messages that was unexpected. Under the expected process of apoptosis, certain protease enzymes (caspases) that trigger cell death. However, researchers added to the curcumin-treated cells a compound that would stop the enzyme-triggered cell death, they saw no difference in the number of cells curcumin killed. Thus, in their British Journal of Cancer article the scientists concluded curcumin represents a promising anticancer agent for prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer.


Study Reveals How DHA Works

LONDONNew research from Queen Mary, University of London and Harvard Medical School reveals how the body converts the DHA in fish oil into Resolvin D2, a chemical found to reduce the inflammation that can lead to a variety of diseases.

We have known for some time that fish oils can help with conditions like arthritis which are linked to inflammation, said Mauro Perretti, Professor of Immunopharmacology at Queen Mary, University of London. What weve shown here is how the body processes a particular ingredient of fish oils into Resolvin D2. Weve also looked in detail at this chemical, determining at least some of the ways it relieves inflammation. It seems to be a very powerful chemical and a small amount can have a large effect.

Enzymotec ~ Pure Krill Oil+ 4014F

MIGDAL HAEMEQ, IsraelEnzymotec developed Pure Krill Oil+ 4014F, a new pure krill oil grade which yields high levels of astaxanthin. Pure Krill Oil+ 4014F is produced by using a proprietary process, developed by scientists at Enzymotec. It provides 40 percent krill phospholipids and 14 percent omega-3 fatty acids with 200 ppm astaxanthin. 


RTE Products Excluded From Testing

WASHINGTONUSDAs Food Safety and Inspection Service issued a notice advising inspection program personnel that, under some circumstances, raw meat and poultry products are not subject to Salmonella testing as previously outlined in Federal Register Notice, 73 FR 4767.

According to the agencys most recent notice, establishments that process all its products into ready-to-eat (RTE) product or moves all its raw products for further processing into RTE product at another federally inspected establishment are excluded from the Salmonella verification testing program schedule.