Infographic: U.S. Health Claim Regulations

label claims infographic
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Claims may help sell products. However, they may also invite regulatory action if improperly phrased or inadequately supported. Companies would do well to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of FDA-regulated claims for supplements and functional foods, including nutrient content, structure/function and health claims.

This INSIDER infographic gives a clear-cut breakdown of several types of claims regulated in the United States, including gluten-free and “natural,” including definitions, legal requirements and examples. Use this infographic as a guide to craft your claims—and then run those claims by legal counsel—to ensure product and regulatory success.

This infographic was compiled from the articles “A Guide to FDA Regulation of Food Labeling Claims” by Anna Benevente and “Constructing a Proper Structure/Function Claim” by David Torreblanca (INSIDER’s May/June 2016 print issue).

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