Video: NPA CEO Dan Fabricant Advocates for Advocacy

<p style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">NPA CEO Daniel Fabricant discusses why it&rsquo;s important for companies in the industry to get involved in advocacy.</p>

Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., CEO of Natural Products Association (NPA), said it’s important to watch local, state and national government actions to see what effects could occur in the supplement industry. Political advocacy also has the potential to allow politicians to understand the effect laws have on businesses, which can create a fair middle ground between government and industry.

To get involved, Fabricant suggested joining a trade organization that offers advocacy, looking at government groups involved in this type of legislation and regulations, such as the Dietary Supplement Caucus in Congress, and talking to regional leaders.

In this INSIDER interview, Fabricant discussed why it’s important for companies in the industry to get involved in advocacy and some of the ways to get involved.


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