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New Ginger, Salt, Chocolate and Beet Products

Article-New Ginger, Salt, Chocolate and Beet Products

ginger, beet drinks, sea salt, new food ingredients
<p>From sweet and salty to root vegetables, the food and beverage industries are introducing new ingredients and products for formulators and consumers alike.</p>

From sweet and salty to root vegetables, the food and beverage industries are introducing new ingredients and products for formulators and consumers alike.

Whether baking or snacking, PASCHA’s allergen-free chocolates are just in time for Valentine’s Day. Choose from eight certified-organic, non-GMO verified, kosher, vegan, fair trade bars ranging from 55 to 85 percent cacao; and three dark chocolate baking chips, ranging from 55 to 100-percent cacao.

And for those consumers who live active, healthy lifestyles, Love Beets introduced a new number to its line of all-natural, ready-to-eat beets drinks—Organic Beet Juice.

“We are thrilled to kick off 2015 with this exciting launch and respond to consumers who continue to request organic options," said George Shropshire, vice president of Love Beets. “Beyond meeting those demands, we are particularly excited that more consumers are embracing beets and their numerous health benefits—from boosting performance and stamina to improving overall heart health to even combating the effects of fatigue."

From beets to ginger, in partnership with Gingerona™, SupHerb Farms created a Fresh Frozen Ginger Purée to spice up food and beverage applications. Popular in Asian culinary preparations, aromatic and spicy ginger is also a hit ingredient in beverages—from smoothies and cocktails to sodas and refreshers. The purée is prepared from freshly harvested ginger root that has been fully prepped, then puréed and frozen to enhance the appearance, flavor: and nutritional appeal of a range of applications like: ginger syrup, Thai Ginger Lemon Grass Mojito, Ginger Cilantro Sesame Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry, and Chocolate Ginger Cupcakes with Lemon Grass Butter Cream Frosting.

And lastly, A&B Ingredients added Tow Seas Sea Salt to its line of line of food ingredients. What’s unique about Two Seas is it not only provides 50-percent less sodium, but it doesn’t affect the taste profile of foods. 

“By combining natural elements through a proprietary manufacturing process, Two Seas Sea Salt combines salts from two seas, the mineral rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea, to offer the food service industry a low sodium, flavorful salt product alternative," said Gil Bakal, managing director of A&B Ingredients. “Potassium chloride has been the choice substitute for sodium chloride. Unfortunately, the bitter notes of potassium chloride impacts the taste profile of the finished product, which often leaves consumers a bad taste." The 50-percent lower sodium content is also heart-friendly.

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