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NanoSphere Launches with Patent-Pending Delivery System

<p>NanoSphere Health Sciences, developers of the patent-pending NanoSphere nutraceutical delivery system, announced the official launch of the company.</p>

DENVER—NanoSphere Health Sciences, developers of the patent-pending NanoSphere nutraceutical delivery system, announced the official launch of the company.

The team of researchers and scientists at NanoSphere Health Sciences has invested over 20 years in the creation of its patent-pending delivery system and potent formulas. The company has developed a method of encapsulating vitamins, minerals, super-nutrients and nutraceuticals as natural, nano-sized lipid spheres. NanoSphere Gels transport the ingredients directly into the bloodstream and cells for rapid results.

The NanoSphere Gel formulas require no fillers, binders or other additives, ensuring that only the pure, essential nutrients and therapeutic ingredients are included. NanoSphere Health Sciences provides the world’s first and only delivery system platform that supports even hard-to-absorb, poorly soluble and unstable nutraceuticals. These include fat soluble vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, phytochemicals, peptides and botanical extracts.

“While significant efforts and investments have been made in the pharmaceutical industry, NanoSphere Health Sciences is the first to apply nanobiotechnology to improve the bioavailability and efficacy of a full range of dietary supplements," said Dr. Richard Kaufman, Ph.D., chief science officer at NanoSphere Health Sciences. “This disruptive technology introduces significant new opportunities in nutritional supplementation, and will help elevate the growth potential of the nutraceuticals industry."

The company’s patent-pending NanoSphere Gel delivery system provides nutraceutical supplement formulations with:

  • Up to Six Times More Bioavailability
  • Improved Cellular Transport
  • Improved Stability
  • Significantly Greater Bioactivity
  • Transport to Specific Body Sites
  • Longer Half-Life in the Body
  • Enhanced Therapeutic Value

NanoSphere Health Sciences expects general availability of the product line in early July.

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