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Maypro Announces Exclusive Distribution of Bio Actives New Real Organic Curcumin

Maypro Industries recently acquired distribution rights for a unique new ingredient–RealOrganic™ Curcumin.

Press Release

Maypro Industries recently acquired distribution rights for a unique new ingredient–RealOrganic™ Curcumin. This certified organic curcumin is made from organically grown turmeric roots, extracted only with ethyl alcohol and produced in an ISO 9000 Facility. Unlike regular curcumin, RealOrganic™ Curcumin is free of pesticides and chemicals, thus promising a product free from fertilizers and genetically modified organisms.

BioActives, LLC, working with an Indian producer with whom they have had a fifteen-year relationship, developed a highly-efficient production process to bring RealOrganic™ Curcumin to the growing organic market. Having seen wide quality variations in standards and loose interpretations of “organic,” BioActives set out to resolve this confusion with RealOrganic™ Curcumin. This ingredient consistently meets the quality standards necessary for value-added advanced formulations. 

Although whole dried, fresh turmeric is typically free from contamination, turmeric powder can be adulterated with chemical powders that are used as substitutes for curcumin and can be harmful to human health. For example, some adulterants used to color turmeric can lead to serious neurological issues or weaken resistance to some forms of cancer.

The raw materials, production process, and final ingredient are all certified by Lacon India, a subsidiary of Lacon GmbH. RealOrganic™ Curcumin is USDA approved, Kosher certified, and has received multiple other certifications. 

“We are delighted to develop the start of an organic line of products with our partner in India who we have worked with for the past 15 years,” said Dan Kagan, Managing Partner at BioActives.  “We believe that Maypro is the perfect company to assist in the marketing of and to handle the distribution for this high-quality product.”

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