Healthy INSIDER Podcast 78: Vitafoods Insights--EU Novel Foods and New Brazilian Fruits

The EU Novel Foods Directive is being revised which could see new and unusual exotic fruits introduced to the European Union.

As the Novel Foods Directive is being revised, this could result in new and unusual exotic fruits introduced into the European Union. In this podcast, Jade Mitchell-Ross talks with Dr John Wilkinson and Kesia Trench, two researchers who have identified 10 ‘new’ fruits that are likely to be considered novel foods in the EU—the potential tip of the iceberg of the thousands of new exotic botanicals that could be available to Europeans in the future. Plus, Trench shares her tips on the best way to enjoy avocados!

You can learn more about botanicals on our website,, where you can download the March edition of our Digital Magazine, The Increasing Complexity of Small Plant Life.

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