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Fruit d'Or's Cran Naturelle has Highest PAC Content, According to Independent Test

<p>In an independent test performed by LabsMart, Cran Naturelle from Fruit d'Or Nutraceuticals shows the highest potency of proanthocyanidin (PAC ) activity.</p>

In an independent test performed on 12 different cranberry retail products by LabsMart in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Cran Naturelle from Fruit d'Or Nutraceuticals exhibited the highest potency of proanthocyanidin (PAC ) activity. The laboratory used the Euro Pharma method, an approved, published  method accepted by the FDA

According to Stephen Lukawski, vice president of business development, sales and marketing for Fruit d'Or Nutraceuticals, Cran Naturelle was tested to show  13 percent  potency of PAC content and the next closest was 7 percent.

"Other cranberry products had been tested to show inconsistent results. There was very little potency of PAC content ranging from less than 1 percent  to 7  percent. This tells me that there needs to be some standardization on the labels that consumers can look for when selecting which cranberry products to purchase.  Cran Naturelle is guaranteed to contain a minimum potency of 10 percent proanthocyanidins  tested under Euro Pharma method,"   Lukawski said.

He also pointed out that buyers of cranberry ingredients need to know what questions to ask their suppliers and ask for independent test results showing PAC activity.

" Even if the cranberry ingredient has a three-year shelf life, PAC activity can degrade over time. As an industry we need to have more up-to-date studies done on cranberry supplements. Relying on cranberry studies that took place several years ago is no longer valid as these cranberry suppliers may not have had their starting material analyzed, and subsequently they never can duplicate their studies," Lukawski said.

Cran Naturelle is a 100 percent, all natural whole food organic cranberry that is non-GMO, pesticide free and contains no fillers, additives or  flow agents.  Direct from the grower, the cranberry is planted , harvested and dried  in Quebec, Canada by Fruit dOr, an organic processor and supplier of nutraceutical cranberry and blueberry powders.

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