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Dr. Roizen's Supplement Recommendations

Vitamin D, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and a multivitamin are among the five to eight supplements a person should take, according to Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. Mehmet Oz's coauthor of the book, "YOU: The Owners Manual," who was the featured speaker at SupplySide MarketPlace.

Roizen, the chief wellness officer at J Gorman & Family Chair, Wellness Institute, Cleveland Clinic, also recommended lutein, CoQ10, omega-7 and probiotics. Although not a supplement, he also recommended two baby aspirin a day.

He said these supplements, along with a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management and not smoking, can extend life and boost the quality of life.

For the general population, Dr. Roizen recommended DHA in the triglyceride form, which he said is better than the ethyl ester (EE) form for heart health. However, he said the best research on DHA suggests it is beneficial for memory and eye health. He said 900 mg/d of DHA has shown to decrease memory loss and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Everyone should also take 1,000 IU/d of vitamin D, and 600 mg/d calcium with 400 mg/d magnesium. Half a multivitamin twice a day helps ensure a steady level of nutrients throughout the day, he said. Perhaps multivitamin manufacturers can offer multivitamins in two-a-day formulas for consumers who don't want to break a tablet in half. Dr. Roizen called a multivitamin a good insurance policy and noted one study found it reduced the risk of cancer by 18 percent.

Every woman aged 12 to 50 should take a prenatal multivitamin to reduce the risk of congenital birth defects in  the children they may have. People older than 55 should also add in lutein for eye heath, Dr. Roizen said. Pregnant women and those who are breast feeding should also consider a probiotic, he said.

Dr. Roizen also suggested statins with CoQ10, but said the research isn't as strong as other nutrients. He said some studies show 50-percent of the benefit of statin is from its reduction in inflammation.

Lastly, he recommended the "odd omega" omega-7 (palmitoleic acid) because it has been shown to decrease insulin resistance, liver fat, blood sugar levels, triglyceride levels, inflammation, LDL, the risk of diabetes and C-reactive protein (CRP).

Baby aspirin should also be taken every day (162 mg) with water, he said, because it has shown to reduce heart attacks by 10 to 45 percent, stroke by 30 percent and cancer by 40 percent.

Dr. Roizen's recommendations may spur consumers to seek these products, and smart manufacturers will be there ready with products to fit these needs.

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