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Croda Receives IFOS Certification and Other Distinctions

<p>Croda, a producers of natural-based specialty chemicals, received IFOS certification, along with a spot on the Global 100 list and Trucost's natural capital decoupling leaders list.</p>

Croda Health Care has become the first omega-3 fish oil supplier to receive the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) supplier certification for their Incromega brand fish oil concentrates.

The IFOS program is a third-party certification program that tests fish oils to the highest standards for omega-3 content, contaminants and stability worldwide. The certification has been available to finished products since 2004 and IFOS recently expanded to the raw material industry, with Croda being the first adopter.

 Beyond certifying brand name omega-3 products, IFOS will now certify raw material suppliers to further demonstrate and showcase to consumers, retailers and other stakeholder groups the nutritional quality, stability and purity of this industry group in an even more transparent way," said William Rowe, president and CEO of Nutrasource Diagnositics Inc. (NDI) and co-founder of the IFOS Program. We are delighted to launch our IFOS raw materials program with Croda, a company committed to providing the global market with premium purified omega-3 oils."

Croda has also been listed as one of the top Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for the second consecutive year. Croda was ranked 28th in the listing. It was assessed using 12 quantitative indicators covering financial, social and environmental performance.

Along with the IFOS certification and the Global 100 listing, Trucost identified Croda as one of 34 natural capital decoupling leaders. Trucost defines those leaders as companies that increased revenue while decreasing natural capital impacts in its operations and supply chains over the last five years.

Sustainability is a major point of differentiation for our business and I am delighted that both our Global 100 position and the recognition from Trucost endorses this. We are confident our strategy will generate even greater benefits for the environment in which we operate, our customers, the people that we work with and for our shareholders," said Steve Foots, chief executive of Croda.

Croda produces natural-based specialty chemicals sold to many types of industries including consumer care, health care and crop care.

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