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ADM Launches Functional Protein Ingredient

Innovation in Vegetarian Protein Products
<p>Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) expanded its specialty proteins portfolio with SUPERB&#8482;, a functional ingredient containing protein and fiber.</p>

With a plethora of protein ingredient options available on the market, innovation is key to the success of new ingredients. Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) expanded its specialty proteins portfolio with SUPERB™, a functional ingredient containing protein and fiber.

Made from soybeans, SUPERB offers more to food manufacturers than protein and fiber fortification. SUPERB offers functional benefits, as well, such as enhanced water-binding and improved texture of meat products and meat substitutes.

In addition, ADM is evaluating options for offering pea protein isolates and concentrates. While soy and dairy-based proteins dominate the protein market, newer plant proteins are growing in popularity. According to Chris Shanahan, global program manager for Frost & Sullivan's Food and Agriculture research group, in his article, “Pea Protein: A Challenge to Soy Protein?," pea protein is leading the pack of alternative plant options.

Shanahan noted that pea protein’s growth could be the result of a shift in the consumer mindset. Protein was traditionally a nutrient sought by bodybuilders or other athletes, whereas now protein has garnered attention in the mainstream market for a variety of health-related reasons. According to Shanahan, “Driving the demand for pea protein ingredients is the simple fact that food product formulators have taken active notice that added protein is perceived as a healthy choice among consumers, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for this added benefit."

According to Bruce Bennett, president, ADM Specialty Ingredients, “SUPERB and pea protein both offer exceptional utility for customers intent on meeting growing demand and gaining a real competitive advantage in the consumer marketplace."

ADM’s current specialty protein offerings include soy protein isolates, concentrates, textured proteins and crisps, and soy flour and grits. The company’s other offerings include its line of edible bean powders and Fibersol® soluble dietary fibers.

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