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PL+ delivers boosted nutrient absorption – download

PL+ delivers boosted nutrient absorption – download
A new phospholipid delivery platform from Aker BioMarine offers enhanced bioavailability to improve efficacy and cost-efficiency of dietary supplement ingredients

Bioavailability, or absorption of a bioactive compound in the body, is a key benchmark by which supplement ingredient efficacy is measured, and many ingredients get poor marks for their solubility, permeability, or both. To overcome this problem, Aker BioMarine has developed a new phospholipid delivery platform based on the demonstrated superior bioavailability of its krill oil phospholipids.

This scientific evidence demonstrates that a keystone species of krill in the Southern Ocean offers superior bioavailability of omega-3 fats (DHA and EPA), likely because the DHA/EPA from this krill oil is bound to phospholipids.

This manufacturer download provides the details of the science behind this technology and shows how it can improve health benefits for a variety of ingredients, lower their cost and open new market opportunities in important health categories.

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