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High Purity L-Theanine: Stress and mood support for people and pets – infographic

High Purity L-Theanine: Stress and mood support for people and pets – infographic
Stress and anxious feelings are significant problems in our late-pandemic world. And it’s not just people—our pets feel it too. In this infographic, learn how Suntheanine®, a proprietary L-Theanine, works to relieve stress and promote relaxation for people and their furry friends.

The world is more complicated, busy and stressful than ever. As people go back to work and resume their busy lives, even pets, who have become an integral part of the family, are feeling it too.

As consumers navigate these stressful times, they are seeking natural, gentle solutions for their own stress as well as for their pets. Luckily, Suntheanine® can be a solution for both. A proprietary L-Theanine, it promotes relaxation, with clinical evidence showing it reduces stress, promotes concentration and improves sleep. And it works for dogs and cats too.

In this infographic, learn more about the ingredient, its efficacy for humans and animals, and its versatility in delivery formats.

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