Whitepaper: Probiotics for Sports Nutrition

Whitepaper: Probiotics for Sports Nutrition

A healthy gut and an improved immune system are key factors to help athletes overtake the competition.

The human body is home to more than 100 trillion microorganisms, 70 percent of which are considered “good” bacteria, supporting a healthy digestive tract and the immune system. These two areas are of particular concern to individuals that engage in physical activity, whether professional athletes or everyday fitness enthusiasts. This Whitepaper by Deerland Enzymes and Probiotics details how the company’s Bacillus subtilis DE111 can give athletes the performance boost they’re searching for.

• A healthy gut flora aids digestion, protects from pathogens, and provides vitamins and nutrients.
• Probiotics may play a role in the use of protein for muscle growth and human recovery.
• DE111 has been indicated in reducing body fat percentage and aiding in improved performance.

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