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Finding probiotic success – audio report

Enthusiasm for the probiotics market remains strong as advances in research and formulation inspire innovation and new applications.

Although the probiotics market is showing some signs of maturation, industry analysts indicate the category has merely established a firm foundation from which to extend growth in many directions.

Different strains, formulation innovations and research conclusions are but a few of the factors fueling the ongoing development of the market. In this audio report, Karen Butler, senior editor, INSIDER, hosts a conversation with Diane Ray, vice president of strategic innovation at NMI (Natural Marketing Institute); John Davidson, director of innovation and education, Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes; and Scott Bush, president of Probiotic Consulting.

Key points include:

• Information about the target consumer for probiotics and potential areas for market growth.

• How various strains can affect formulation decisions, manufacturing, efficacy, research and more.

• The importance of reaching more health care practitioners—and thus, consumers—to continue advancing education.

Links and resources:

• If you’re attending SupplySide West, October 15 to 19 in Las Vegas, be sure to visit the IPA Probiotics Resource Center, organized in association with the International Probiotics Association (IPA) and sponsored by Nutrasource Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Services.

Additionally, Saturday, Oct. 19 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., is the “Extending Your Reach in the Probiotics Space” workshop, developed in partnership with the IPA and underwritten by Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Dupont, Lallemand Health Solutions, Morinaga, Probiotical and Sabinsa.

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