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Consumers seeking probiotics to aid digestive health, overall wellness

Consumers seeking probiotics to aid digestive health, overall wellness.jpg
Only 55% of consumers are satisfied with their digestive health; probiotic products seen as affordable, naturally formulated and low in “bad” ingredients will appeal to them.

Consumers are turning to probiotic products to boost their levels of wellness, with a specific focus on helping aid digestive health.

As digestive problems become more common and consumers show increasing concern about their health and well-being in general, the popularity of probiotic products is expected to expand. Products seen as affordable, naturally formulated, low in “bad” ingredients, and offering sensory appeal will be especially appealing.

In an FMCG Gurus survey, when asked why they use probiotics, consumers most often said to aid digestive health (49%) and to ensure they have enough beneficial bacteria in their body (45%). These were noticeably higher answers than the proportion who said for general health and wellness purposes (40%). In recent years, the number of consumers suffering from digestive health problems has grown, possibly due to factors such as an aging society and poor dietary habits.

In FMCG Gurus’ digestive health survey conducted over the period Q4 2018/Q3 2019, only 55% of consumers said they are satisfied with their current digestive health. At the same time, 68% said they recognize the link between good digestive health and good overall health. Finally, 74% of consumers said they had taken some actions toward their health and wellness over the last 12 months to improve their digestive health. Given this figure is considerably higher than the percentage of consumers who currently use probiotics, it shows opportunity to grow the probiotic market.


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Will Cowling is marketing manager at FMCG Gurus.

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