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Personal Care Ingredients Market

<p>This Q&amp;A with Xuesong Li, director, Kline &amp; Co., explores the market for personal care ingredients, and explores trends impacting ingredients within the space, market drivers and opportunities for innovation.</p>



The beauty and personal care categories are driven by numerous global trends, such as the need for effective, natural anti-aging solutions, increased demand for products to that combat the effects of pollution and personalization. Understanding market demands and how those demands are impacting ingredients for personal care and beauty is critical to developing innovative products within the beauty and personal care categories.


Xuesong Li, director, Kline & Co., explored various trends impacting the personal care market, such as increased demand for natural products, anti-pollution solutions, promotion of personalization of beauty regimens via technology advancements and more.


Discussing the impact of current trends on the ingredients space she said, “Performance-oriented multifunctional ingredients drive the promising specialty ingredient sector. For example, consumption of preservative boosters, such as caprylyl glycol, glyceryl caprylate and ethylhexylglycerin, is growing at the expense of traditional preservatives as they also deliver emolliency to formulations." She also pointed to “high efficiency" ingredients that combat the effects of blue light, infrared light and other forms of pollution.


Among opportunities for innovation are probiotics for beauty and personal care. “Probiotics-based formulation is another area presenting innovative opportunities," she said. “The basic challenge is to identify the right microorganism to be used in the formulation. Chemicals used in cosmetic formulations do not always provide the right medium to keep bacteria alive, and this may affect the viability and efficacy of the formulation."


Read more from Li about the opportunities for ingredients and innovation within the personal care and beauty categories by downloading INSIDER’s Personal Care Digital Magazine.


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