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Sustainable packaging is important, and brands must look to validate such initiatives

Sustainable packaging is important, and brands must look to validate such initiatives.jpg
As consumers demand more natural and sustainable products, it’s critical that packaging helps promote these attributes rather than detract from them. Brands need to adopt a holistic approach toward sustainability that covers the whole of the supply chain and offers maximum transparency.

The green credentials of packaging are something important to consumers who are concerned about the environment and want products to be “clean.” At the same time, high-profile green-washing cases have led consumers to become skeptical about environmental packaging claims. Brands need to help overcome this skepticism by adopting a cradle-to-grave approach to packaging and by monitoring the supply chain of suppliers. They can also utilize blockchain technology to help overcome skepticism.

Brands need to adopt a holistic approach to sustainable packaging that covers the whole of the supply chain in order to offer maximum transparency. This is because consumers can be skeptical about claims made by brands.

One way of overcoming consumer skepticism is by utilizing blockchain technology to offer consumers maximum transparency on how packaging has been designed and distributed.

Blockchain originated with Bitcoin and involves blocks of verified transaction data strung together and made publicly available. The “blocks” involved store information about transactions like the date, time, dollar amount and the participants involved.

While it is unrealistic to think consumers would use such technology for every product, they would do so when checking out ethical and environmental issues they deem to be somewhat contentious.

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Will Cowling is marketing manager at FMCG Gurus. For more information please contact FMCG Gurus at [email protected]

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