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Packaging: More than meets the eye – digital magazine

Packaging: More than meets the eye – digital magazine
Packaging is typically responsible for the first impression of a product and brand, charged with attracting the consumer’s eye—but also instantly communicating value system, benefits, features and humane commitment. Brand marketers must wrestle with perceived value, as environmentally conscientious packaging often decreases product size while increasing transparency. Although packaging can help reduce food waste and promote product safety, those benefits must be balanced with rising concerns about the drawbacks of excess and potentially harmful packaging waste.

Takeaways for Your Business:

• 70% of consumers feel the amount of waste on land and in oceans is far worse than in the 1970s.
• In 2015, containers and packaging made up the largest portion of municipal solid waste, at almost 30%.
• Creating compostable packaging alternatives is complex and expensive, but progress has been made.

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