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Consumer demand for sustainable packaging

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Consumers are concerned about the environment and want brands to reduce the use of plastic packaging.

Consumers around the world are concerned about the state of the environment and believe brands and manufacturers should be doing more to address this. When it comes to protecting the environment, one key issue is the packaging used for food and drink brands. Consumers want commitments to reducing the level of plastic used in packaging and, instead, want brands to demonstrate that they are using more sustainable forms of packaging.

An FMCG Gurus survey of 20,000 global consumers conducted in Q3 2019 showed 61% of consumers believe brands and manufacturers should be doing more to protect the environment. Packaging is a key issue that consumers want brands to address so consumers can see themselves acting in a sustainable manner.

However, consumers are not likely to research brands and packaging. This shows that commitments to reduced and alternative packaging needs to be obvious at the point of purchase.

Consumers see plastic as evil in the packaging world because of the rate at which it decomposes and the damage it can do to the environment. This is important at a time when animal welfare has a growing influence on purchasing habits. Switching from plastic to biodegradable packaging helps portray the brand in a more environmentally friendly way and also takes the hassle out of consumer recycling.

Mike Hughes is head of research and insight at FMCG Gurus. For more information, please contact FMCG Gurus at [email protected]

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