Inclusive workforce leads to inclusive sales

SupplySide Podcast: Inclusive workforce leads to inclusive sales

A diverse employee base allows for product development that better suits a wide-range of consumer needs.

Hiring and supporting employees that better mirror the population of a brand’s target demographics helps improve business return on investment (ROI) because product attributes can better respond to consumer needs. Having that personal expertise in house is better that relying on changing market data and guesses, according to Debbie Wildrick, chief strategy officer at MetaBrand. Wildrick, who is also board member of the Network of Executive Women, notes that the health and nutrition industry has a long way to go before its workforce reflects its consumer population. In this podcast with Sandy Almendarez, editor in chief, INSIDER, Wildrick covers:

  • The movement in recent years for more gender equality in businesses of all sizes
  • The importance of inclusive workforces to build better leadership teams
  • Setting up and using affinity groups to lead diversity initiatives.

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