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MusclePharm to Utilize Ugams Brand Intelligence Solution

Article-MusclePharm to Utilize Ugams Brand Intelligence Solution

<p>MusclePharm Corporation selected Ugam's Brand Intelligence solution to help protect its margins, brand reputation and channel relationships.</p>

NEW YORK—MusclePharm Corporation selected Ugam's Brand Intelligence solution to help protect its margins, brand reputation and channel relationships.

Ugam’s technology and services enable MusclePharm to deliver a better customer experience by enforcing MAP (minimum advertised price) policy compliance, ensuring that all channel partners sell its products at fair and uniform prices.

MusclePharm will use Ugam’s pricing intelligence, MAP monitoring and operational support capabilities to efficiently monitor channel performance, detect pricing violations, identify authorized and unauthorized activity and act upon that information. Ugam’s Brand Intelligence solution combines big data with predictive analytics to uncover channel insights and recommend actions to enforce pricing policy, prevent revenue loss from unauthorized activity and promote fair competition among brand affiliates and dealer channels.

“With an expanding distribution footprint, growing number of product SKUs and the launch of new products, we turned to Ugam because of their unique offering of large-scale, real-time price monitoring combined with support services that help us maintain MusclePharm’s pricing policy and give our channel partners confidence that the company’s MAP policy is creating fair competition," said Richard Estalella, president of MusclePharm.

Ugam’s Brand Intelligence solution helps channel managers and pricing analysts cope with the increasingly vast quantity of data they need to monitor from retailer ecommerce sites, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines, and helps them take timely and effective action. The solution is supported by Ugam’s global service team, which monitors for unauthorized activity and follows up with authorized channel partners.

Emerging dynamic pricing practices are enabling pricing changes by the minute, making MAP violations extremely difficult to detect. In addition, retailers are executing price changes at a granular level (e.g., by color or size) that is often overlooked by high-level MAP monitoring technology – and they’re doing it for hundreds of thousands of individual SKUs.

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