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NAD: Bovine Colostrum Claims Not Supported

NEW YORK–Some of Sovereign Laboratories’ wide range of advertising claims for Colostrum-LD, a bovine colostrum dietary supplement, are not supported with sufficient evidence, according to a review from the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Claims at issue in NAD’s review included:

  • “COLOSTRUM LD helps:

Boost, Balance and Maintain superior immune function

Protect and heal GI immune function and lining

Promote lean muscle growth, strength and stamina, and speeds recovery

Prevent and eliminate diarrhea"

  • “Prevents and heals gut permeability (holes in our gut) caused by toxins, pathogens (bacteria), acidic drinks, pain medications and pharmaceuticals and environmental hazards. (The primary cause of chronic disease)"
  • “Helps prevent toxins from entering the body"
  • “Repairs, optimizes and activates immune function (especially in the GI tract)"
  • “Colostrum is clinically proven to be 3X more effective than the flu vaccine. No Side effects."
  • “Up to 4X more effective than regular colostrum" 
  •  “Bovine Colostrum is safe, non-toxic and can be consumed in any quantity without side effects or drug interactions."
  • “Artificial hormones, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals can minimize the effectiveness of the product and create unwanted side-effects."
  • ‘The aging process is accelerated as our natural immune system is depleted.  Colostrum can help reverse this by strengthening our immune system and replacing the actual immune factors that our immune system needs to keep us disease free.  Colostrum is unique, in all the world, for its ability to support our body's basic intelligence, DNA and RNA, in promoting normal cell growth and tissue repair.  We can now understand why colostrum has been heralded as the ultimate anti-aging food supplement."
  • “Colostrum is the world's most important and respected supplement."

NAD reviewed claims and testimonials that appeared at a website for the Center for Nutritional Research, which is presented as an independent research site, but is directly linked to the Colostrum-LD’s primary advertising sites, and NAD recommended that the advertiser clearly and conspicuously disclose its connection to the seemingly neutral website, which includes many of the claims at issue, as well as a link to purchase the advertiser’s product.

NAD, the advertising industry’s self-regulatory forum, examined performance, safety, and comparative claims made in Internet advertising for the product, following a challenge by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN.) In addition to express and implied claims made for Colustrum-LD, NAD also considered whether the advertiser adequately disclosed material connections to websites that offered the product for sale.

NAD determined the advertiser could substantiate general claims that the product may help support immune health, but recommended the advertiser discontinue claims that went beyond the message that the product “supports" immune health.

NAD found insufficient evidence to support the superiority claims at issue, including claims that, “Colostrum is clinically proven to be 3X more effective than the flu vaccine" and determined that the advertiser’s safety claims were overly broad. NAD recommended the advertiser discontinue the superiority and safety claims at issue.

NAD found the sufficient evidence supports the claims, “Artificial hormones, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals can minimize the effectiveness of the product and create unwanted side-effects," and “Colostrum that comes from pasture-fed herds, who eat healthy, green grass, getting live enzymes that is naturally designed to eat, will contain more of these beneficial enzymes that aid in assimilation" because they accurate discussions of how certain impurities can affect the colostrum produced.   

However, NAD found that the advertiser’s claims promoting colostrum’s ability to heal holes in the gut were unsupported and recommended that they be discontinued.

Additionally, NAD found insufficient evidence to support claims that “Colostrum is the world's most important and respected supplement," “Increases energy and stamina, lean muscle mass, activates fat metabolism, and returns our body to vibrant health," or that colostrum provides benefits related to “Anti-aging, Arthritis, Asthma & Allergies, Athletic Performance, Auto-Immune Conditions, Candida, Cardiovascular...and more!" NAD recommended the advertiser discontinue the claims.

NAD further recommended that the advertiser discontinue testimonials that compare colostrum supplementation with medical treatment or suggest that colostrum supplementation is a cure or treatment for various medical conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

The company noted in its advertiser’s statement that it disagrees with certain of NAD’s findings, but indicated it would comply with NAD’s decision.

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