Supplements 101: Fundamentals for a successful journey - Video

Whether you’re new to the industry or need a refresher course in product formulation and manufacturing, this video offers essentials for strong supplement product development. Seasoned industry veterans explain popular governance acronyms, outline best practices, and explore product ideation, formulation basics, sourcing and the science behind ingredients.  Price: $59

June 28, 2024

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Whether you’re newer to industry or simply looking for a refresher on best practices, this video offers the essentials for building quality, efficacious supplement products that lead to lifelong customers. Key pillars include regulatory compliance, contract manufacturing, formulation, supply chain and market integrity. Rounding out a full roster of seasoned industry veterans will be the voice of newer players who are making their mark.  Learn from experts in this education session from SupplySide West 2023.   

This session:   

  • Unravels the mystery of some of industry’s most popular governance acronyms, including DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994), GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and cGMPs (current good manufacturing practices).   

  • Outlines best practices, from testing to legal considerations.   

  • Sheds light on some of the complexities of contract manufacturer relationships, such as each party’s responsibilities, the importance of contracts and finding middle ground.   

  • Explores product ideation, formulation basics, popular ingredients and the science behind them, today’s sourcing landscape and quality concerns.   

  • Provides tips and unique supplement industry insight from top mentors and those newer to the space.   


0:00:00-0:01:00 – Introduction  

0:01:00-0:24:00 – Regulatory compliance: Andrea W. Wong, Ph.D., SVP, scientific & regulatory affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition   

0:24:00-0:51:00– Contract manufacturing: Joy A. Joseph, president, Joys Quality Management Systems   

0:51:00-1:12:00 – Formulation, science and ingredients: Blake Ebersole, president/founder, NaturPro Scientific   

1:12:00-1:37:00 – Supply chain, sourcing and testing/lab: Katie Banaszewski, senior director of quality, NowFoods   

1:37:00-2:02:00 – Market integrity, best practices and tips for success: Adel Villalobos, founder & CEO, Lief Labs   

2:02:00-2:28:00 – Q&A with the founder of a young supplement brand: Kristie Hall, president & owner, True Grace   

2:28:00-2:51:00– Q&A with all speakers  

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