Formulating for total gut strength and the health-and-wellness consumer – white paper

Consumers are interested in maintaining a strong, healthy and well-functioning gut. As an essential element of gut health, the understanding of gut strength is growing. Explore this topic and the latest innovative ingredients to support total gut strength.

June 13, 2024

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Formulating for total gut strength and the health-and-wellness consumer

Total gut strength is foundationally rooted in maintaining the health of the gut barrier and is complimented by healthy digestive function and microbiome balance. While current digestive health ingredient solutions focus on the latter two components, gut barrier function often goes underappreciated. 

A strong gut barrier depends on the proper function of the mucosal layer, the epithelial barrier, and immune cells that line over 4,000 square feet of the intestinal tract.1 The intestinal epithelium is composed of a single layer of cells that serve two primary functions: to transport beneficial nutrients and compounds into the bloodstream while keeping out harmful bacteria, toxic compounds, and metabolic waste.2

Addressing all three essential components of total gut strength has previously proved challenging through any single ingredient solution — until now. Explore the newest wave in gut health ingredient innovation and the trifecta of total gut strength with Brightseed® Bio Gut Fiber.


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