A universe unfolding: Uncovering the mysteries of the microbiome and its connection to health - Video

The steady stream of microbiome data and information underscores the potential of individual microbial species and their biological roles, with “biotics” providers already connecting to a range of health systems including the gut-brain axis and skin health. This video explores innovative new solutions in all the “otics,” and the expansion of probiotics into sports nutrition, weight management, inflammation, cosmetics and more.

June 25, 2024

Uncovering the mysteries of the microbiome and its connection to health

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At a Glance

  • Innovation in product development include prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics and postbiotics.  
  • Probiotics offer benefits to sports nutrition, weight management, women’s health, cognitive performance, stress and sleep. 
  • In vivo and clinical data indicate probiotics could fight against obesity and associated metabolic health

Despite a deluge of new information — and a steady stream of microbiome-related studies expanding the available data on human microbiome composition and function — ingredient researchers are only beginning to understand the individual microbial species and their biological roles. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are proving to be game changers in our understanding of these expanding datasets.   

  Technology could bring transformational change through the development of predictive models for personalized therapeutic interventions or disease interception. But before that lofty goal is reached, “biotics” providers are discovering the impact that bacteria-based ingredients can have on a wide range of health systems beyond gut health, including the gut-brain axis, a connection to healthy skin, and the influence of dysbiosis on host immunity and disease.   

Watch this video captured at SupplySide West 2023 to learn more about the wide universe of  

0:00:00-0:06:00 – Introduction  

0:06:00-0:20:00 – Welcome and introductions from George Paraskevakos, executive director, International Probiotics Association   

0:20:00-0:40:00 – Using AI to discover plant bioactives and map them to specific modes of action: Bethany Henrick, VP of microbiome, Brightseed   

0:40:00-0:57:00 – The benefits of supplementation with a multispecies synbiotic during and after antibiotic treatment: Katarina Doma, senior research scientist, KGK Science   

0:57:00-1:19:00 – Criteria to consider when conducting a microbiome-based clinical study: Barry Skillington, CCO, Atlantia Trials   

1:19:00-1:41:00 – Prebiotic fibers and microbiome modulation: Susan Hewlings, VP of research affairs, Radicle Science   

1:41:00-2:04:00 – Unleashing the hidden power of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics on geroscience and aging: Sandra Saville, director of education and communication, International Probiotics Association   

2:04:00-2:26:00 – Consumer and retail trends in the biotic categories: Brandon Casteel, VP of partnerships, SPINS   

2:26:00-2:46:00 – Claims, regulatory compliance and messaging around microbiome ingredients: Asa Waldstein, principal, Supplement Advisory Group   

2:46:00-3:04:00 – Panel discussion on mapping the present and future of the market for microbiome-based ingredients:Duffy Hayes, assistant editor, Natural Products Insider; Ralf Jager, managing member, Increnovo LLC; Martin Felkner, senior expert, branded ingredients, Finzelberg GmbH & Co. KG; George Paraskevakos, executive director, International Probiotics Association   

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