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Are you getting enough iron to power your performance? – white paper

Are you getting enough iron to power your performance? – white paper

More than 6 million US women are estimated to have an iron deficiency. Females are at greatest risk due to their lower consumption of dietary iron than men and increased need for replenishment. The RDA for adult women (ages 19-50y) is 125% higher than for adult men and female athletes face additional challenges. The IOM suggests that the iron requirement for athletes is increased by up to 70%!

When formulating, it's important to note that not all iron is created equal. Ferrochel®, the market-leading ferrous bisglycinate chelate from Balchem delivers a more bioavailable and better-tolerated form of iron vs inorganic mineral salts. Clinical data shows that consumers prefer ferrous bisglycinate chelate over competitive iron salts due to the lower number of side effects experienced.

Find out why the WHO lists iron bisglycinate as the suggested iron fortificant for beverages and how consumers can fill their iron gap with Ferrochel®.

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