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Starch and Gum Strategies

August 23, 2011

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Starch and Gum Strategies

Gums offer formulators a wide variety of functionality, from moisture binding and texturizing to emulsifying and viscosifying. Without them, sauces would separate, puddings would puddle and muffins would mummify.

Even so, formulators often turn to starches instead, as they can provide similar functionality and are typically less expensive per pound than gums. But there are problems with this strategy.

Starches are typically used at higher usage levels than gums," says Joshua Brooks, vice president of sales, Gum Technology Corporation. High starch usage can cause film-formation and create a poor mouthfeel. Furthermore, many starches tend to retrograde, causing them to release moisture and cause syneresis. The high usage level can also present issues with flavor. Therefore, what you might be saving on cost, results in a less-functional, less-salable product."

One effective, yet often complex, solution is to combine starches with gums to neutralize some of the negative attributes of starches and reduce overall hydrocolloid usage. Gum Technology has taken the guesswork out of this approach with its GumPlete systems.

These systems are designed so that the starch and gum work synergistically, rather than compete with one another, which can often be a problem when gum/starch combinations are not used properly," Brooks says. The overall usage of both the starch and the gum can be reduced. Reducing the starches also reduces the potential for flavor masking and retrogradation. And, because there is a synergy between the starches and gums, you are also cutting back on the cost of the gums. You are creating a more-shelf-stable and salable finished product. Its a win-win system."

The company has developed 11 systems to deliver a range of functionalities for specific applications. For example, GumPlete SXG-SC-304 was created to provide instant viscosity, suspension and smooth texture in reduced-fat sour cream dips, as well as sauces. GumPlete SCC-CN-301 creates viscosity and holds aeration, prevents sugar bloom, and allows for freeze/thaw stability in frostings and icings. GumPlete SXG-GF-205 is designed to mimic gluten texture and allow for suspension in gluten-free muffins.

By using a GumPlete system, formulators can avoid any room for variability in measuring and avoid error in sequencing the addition of your ingredients," Brooks says. Its also one less SKU to worry about in warehousing."

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