April 16, 2012

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Gluten-Free Goodness

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale, is primarily used as a food additive for stabilizing or thickening foods. But, because 1 in every 133 people is afflicted with celiac disease, an autoimmune condition in which gluten creates a toxic reaction when ingested, food manufacturers are continually looking for ways to remove gluten from some foods while maintaining product appeal.

In the past, eliminating gluten in baked goods left consumers with an unappetizing product with low amounts of fiber and high amounts of sugar and fat, says Kelly Belknap, applications scientist, Grain Processing Corporation. The company's line of native and modified corn starches improve textural qualities, increase batter viscosity, aid in moisture retention and provide freeze/thaw stability in gluten-free products. The products, Pure-Dent® B700 unmodified corn starch,  Inscosity® B656 and Instant Pure-Cote® B792 instant modified starches, improve mouthfeel and shelf life, helping formulators overcome gluten-free challenges.

"Sometimes gluten-free doughs become very sticky and are difficult to work with," Belknap says.  "Without the structure that gluten provides, dough-handling becomes a delicate process. Some flours leave a powdery, chalky mouthfeel while others maybe gritty or bitter."

Pure-Dent B700 improves dough-handling in quick- and yeast-bread applications, and works as a clean-flavor bulking agent. Inscosity B656 similarly improves cell structure and product volume in cake, quick-bread and yeast-bread applications. Instant Pure-Cote® B792, a food starch ideal for cookie applications, improves process machinability and adds chewiness, a common challenge when formulating gluten-free products. 

To add nutritional value, GPC offers TruBran® corn bran, an insoluble dietary fiber that can be added to gluten-free baked goods to increase dietary fiber levels without sacrificing taste.

"The light, creamy color of TruBran corn bran makes it easy for manufacturers to add fiber with minimal impact on finished product appearance," Belknap adds.  

GPC aims to please not only consumers following gluten-free diets, but average, health-conscious consumers, as well. In addition to providing its line of corn starches, the company has developed several gluten-free baked-good applications that feature its ingredients, including gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and gluten-free yellow cake.

"Today, consumers have multiple choices when it comes to gluten-free baked goods," Belknap says. "They no longer have to settle for the only baked item that is on the shelf; they can seek high-quality products and choose products with added nutritional advantages. Gluten-free baked goods are becoming more acceptable and can often be enjoyed by the whole family."

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