7 marketing insights to succeed in the mature women’s market

Developing supplement products for the modern adult women’s segment (40+) requires a nuanced approach in brand marketing, positioning and package design.

Steffi Neth, VP Marketing

July 8, 2024

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  • Get your science right.
  • Target messaging like a laser beam.
  • Build community.

From a marketing perspective, developing supplement products for the modern adult women’s segment requires a nuanced approach in brand marketing, positioning and package design. Here are seven insights marketing directors should consider when selling products to this market segment that’s growing fast.  

• Health benefits tailoring – Understand the specific health concerns and needs of women in the 40-50+ age group. This demographic may be particularly interested in supplements that support bone health, heart health, cognitive function, hormonal balance and overall vitality. Tailor product formulations to address these concerns effectively. 

• Science-backed formulations – As a mature demographic is likely to be more sophisticated about understanding product ingredients, ensure that supplement formulations are backed by scientific research and contain high-quality, efficacious ingredients, whenever possible. Transparency about the formulation and the rationale behind ingredient choices can help build trust with consumers. 

• Targeted messaging – Tailor marketing messaging that resonates with the lifestyle and aspirations of women in this age group. Focus on themes such as active aging, maintaining vitality, enhancing quality of life and achieving overall wellness. Avoid stereotypes and clichés, and instead, emphasize empowerment and embracing life at every stage. 

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• Packaging design – Opt for packaging that conveys professionalism, reliability and sophistication. Consider using colors, fonts and imagery that appeal to the target demographic without resorting to stereotypical gender-based color schemes. Colors appear to be more muted for this age group, but exceptions are always possible. Clear, informative labeling highlighting key benefits and features can aid in decision-making for consumers. 

• Personalization – Recognize that women in their 40s and 50s are a diverse group with varied lifestyles, health goals and preferences. Offer a range of supplement options to cater to different needs, whether it’s vegan formulations, gluten-free options or specific ingredient preferences. Personalization options, such as customizable blends or dosage forms, can also enhance product appeal. 

• Educational content – Provide educational resources and content to empower women to make informed decisions about their health and wellness at this stage. This could include blog posts, articles, infographics or videos discussing topics related to nutrition, supplementation, fitness and healthy aging. Position your brand as a trusted authority in women’s health. 

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• Community building – Foster a sense of community around your brand by creating platforms for women to connect, share experiences and support each other on their wellness journeys. This could involve social media communities, online forums or offline events tailored to the interests and concerns of the target demographic. 

By taking these factors into account and adopting a customer-centric approach, brands can effectively position their supplement products for this modern adult women’s segment, meeting their unique needs and preferences while building long-term brand loyalty. 

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Steffi Neth

VP Marketing, Lief Labs

Steffi Neth, VP of marketing at Lief Labs, is a dynamic leader with 20 years of expertise in marketing, creative direction and brand design. As a key member of the company’s senior leadership team, she heads up the marketing department (which she built) with finesse and vision. Driven by a passion for holistic wellness, Neth’s personal spirit mirrors her professional endeavors. Based in Valencia, California, Lief Labs is a premier formulation and product development innovator and manufacturer of dietary supplements. 

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