SupplySide West 2015 Prezi: Botanical Authentication and Transparency

SupplySide West 2015 Prezi: Botanical Authentication and Transparency

The SupplySide West 2015 presentation on botanical authentication and transparency from Elan Sudberg, Alkemist Labs, used the Prezi platform featuring motion and zooming.

One of the many highlights of the recent SupplySide West 2015 show in Las Vegas was the presentation, Authentication of Botanical Raw Materials & Transparency Using Globally Accepted Methodologies, by Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs. His presentation used the Prezi platform that involves motion and zooming to display graphics and text in an entertaining way. INSIDER has posted Sudberg's Prezi below to provide SupplySide participants and INSIDER readers a glimpse into this unique presentation; there is no audio, but feel free to click through the Prezi and view the graphics and text.

Editor's Note: The presentation starts with a brief background on Alkemist Labs before moving onto the topic of botanical authentication and transparency.


For more information on SupplySide and Ingredient Marketplace, click here.


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