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News Desk: NPA to Keep GMO, GMP Focus Under Fabricant

<p style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">While NPA said it doesn't know how NPA will prioritize matters under Fabricant&rsquo;s leadership until he officially starts NPA said it will remain focused on GMOs (genetically modified organisms), GMPs (good manufacturing practices) and congressional connections. </p>

Daniel Fabricant's tenure at director of FDA's division of dietary supplements ends with his return to the Natural Products Association (NPA), a trade organization serving natural brands, retailers and suppliers.

Starting April 21, Fabricant, Ph.D., will be NPA's CEO.

While NPA said it doesn't know how NPA will prioritize matters under Fabricant’s leadership until he officially starts, Lauren Cohen, director of communications at NPA said the organization will remain focused on the issues important to its members.

"This includes labeling GMOs and defining natural, and strengthening relationships with our congressional supporters," She said. "We will also continue to support measures to keep tainted products posing as dietary supplements off the market, while opposing legislation that would create redundant and costly regulations for the legitimate dietary supplement industry without effectively enhancing product safety. Additionally, we are confident that with Dr. Fabricant on board again, we will strengthen and energize our GMP compliance program."

Industry still awaits FDA's naming a replacement for Fabricant.

Watch this INSIDER TV News Desk for more on Fabricant's move to NPA from FDA.

UPDATE: FDA annouced William Correll has been selected as the acting director of FDA's Division of Dietary Supplement Programs.

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