anti aging

A Mature Market

<p>As the population gets older, the market gets bigger. This Buyer&#8217;s Guidebook highlights the key points and challenges with formulating an enduring anti-aging supplement.</p>

As life expectancies continually grow, so does the consumer demand for supplements that target aging. As the youngest of the 78 million Baby Boomers are now passing the 50-year-old mark, the market potential for addressing these demands is huge. Anti-aging is an exciting category that is bound to grow in line with changing global demographics. People seek out anti-aging products once they have started to feel the effects of aging, looking to address many topics from skin health and brain function to reducing the risk of heart or other age-related diseases.

As with the formulation of any supplement, anti-aging products must be thoughtfully crafted from honest ingredients from consistent and transparent suppliers. By combining efficacious and honest ingredients providing multiple benefits and putting them in a convenient delivery form, dietary supplement manufacturers can succeed in this ageless market.

Read this full article in INSIDER’s Anti-Aging Buyers Guidebook.

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