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Lab Testing New Delivery Technology

<p>Before a company launches a product with a new delivery form, it needs to know which tests are fit for purpose and compliant for safety, efficacy and potency.</p>

Delivery is nearly as important as the product itself, and if not considered, can have negative effects on the quality of the product. For dietary supplements, particularly with the renewed focus on product testing this year, it’s crucial to make sure testing is suited for the specific delivery systems. This isn’t always considered when evaluating delivery systems, but it needs to become part of the conversation.

In the dietary supplement world, innovation is one of the key drivers for future products. Taking something good and making it better is an example of innovation. Sometimes, that innovation is based on a new ingredient or a new study supporting the desired effectiveness of an ingredient. Other times it’s simply a ‘previously owned’ ingredient bundled in a new way to improve effectiveness. Or it could be a new way of delivering an ingredient into our bodies. Whatever form innovation takes, confirming quality and identity must be built into the mix.

I know not what the founders of our industry would have thought about such innovation. I suspect they’d be impressed at the progress, however, they may wonder how we ensure efficacy, safety and validation. What I do know is that delivery methods complicate routine testing for analytical labs, whether internal or external.

Since new methods are not always available, this issue renders the seller “out of compliance" and leaves the lab scratching its head.

Learn more on determining the right testing method for new supplement delivery systems in the full article “New Delivery Technology is Cool, but Can You Test it?" by Élan Sudberg in the INSIDER Digital Issue on Supplement Delivery Technology.

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