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Frutarom Health BU, Switzerland ~ EFLApharm Product Line

<p>Frutarom Health BU, Switzerland, announced the launch of a flagship proprietary product line , EFLApharm, comprised of phytopharmaceutical ingredients and pharma flavors</p>

Frutarom Health BU, Switzerland, announced the launch of a flagship proprietary product line comprised of phytopharmaceutical ingredients and pharma flavors. The new product line, EFLApharm, expands the established EFLA brand, offering increased value to the pharmaceutical industry plus expertise in building a supply chain for sustainable, natural activepharmaceutical ingredients that meet pharmaceutical manufacturers' needs. The EFLApharm family of products are scientifically supported, natural, pharmacetucial-grade herbal extracts. All are produced following strict good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines.

Herbal extracts used in products under the EFLApharm brand include Echinacea purpurea L. (purple coneflower), Hedera helix L. (common ivy), and Thymus vulgaris L. (thyme), all of which are ingredients in and cold therapeutics. EFLApharm products fall into the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMP) regulatory framework, and are suitable for global, pharmaceutical-quality submission, including the Drug Master File.

“Quality continues to be a major theme across the nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients marketplace," said Hadar Sutovsky, global manager of the pharma and over-the-counter segment at the Frutarom Health business unit. “Companies throughout the supply chain are taking a closer look at the quality of their ingredients and trying to determine better ways to deliver finished products of the highest quality. With EFLApharm, we can simplify access to the market for pharmaceutical companies striving to launch safe and effective herbal medicines."

EFLApharm products are suitable for oral care products, nutriontal supplements, cough syrups and other phramaceutical dosage forms. Products in the EFLApharm line offer GMP-quality fruit flavors with long-lasting taste profiles to makes bitter tastes that are common with pharmaceutical ingredients.


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