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Formulating Mineral Products

Article-Formulating Mineral Products

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<p>Creating products that carry efficacious doses of safe minerals requires a true partnership with ingredient suppliers, a consideration of a bioavailable form and a focus on quality.</p>

Minerals are one of the building blocks of health; the market is forever steady. “There is not a wide swing in demand as there may be for a new ingredient that may become a fad," said Jeff Lenger, director of sales and marketing at Jost Chemical. Options exist to put minerals in palate-pleasing foods and supplements. Yet, it takes a lot of sowing to reap the benefits.

Finding the right mineral supplier comes down to two things, said Terry Shirvani, N.D., owner and founder of Virtuosity Formulations LLC: expertise and research. Does the supplier specialize in the desired ingredient, and has it done research on authenticity, efficacy and safety?

There is a third qualification. Ideally, the right mineral supplier “help[s] you find your way through the challenges of mineral fortification," said Brent Hagen, president and CEO of Nutrisol Solutions LLC, which offers specialty forms of minerals and trace minerals. “Your customers will thank you."

Todd Johnson, director of marketing at Albion, said, “Often, there is a misconception that one mineral is the same as another. It is important to look at the various forms of minerals offered and the often significant differences in bioavailability. It is valuable for manufacturers to read clinical studies on the mineral in question and take into accountability absorption factors in relation to other ingredients in the formulation."

In addition, manufacturers must practice due diligence by testing raw material batches for active mineral content, total identification and heavy metals.

Learn more best practices for choosing mineral suppliers and formulating efficacious products in INSIDER’s Formulating Minerals Digital Magazine.

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