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Sports Nutrition

Prezi: Sports Nutrition Year in Review for 2015

Prezi: Sports Nutrition Year in Review for 2015
<p>INSIDER takes a look back at the highs and lows in the sports nutrition channel during the past year.</p>

This past year, sports nutrition continued its trend as a top-performing category in the natural products industry. There were highs (new research, new consumers) and lows (regulatory and legal issues), but the category continued to adapt and grow.

Among the highs were numerous research publications on various natural ingredients and benefits to performance, endurance, strength and recovery. The consumer base continued to expand beyond hardcore athletes and bodybuilders to include all sorts of active people. The SupplySide Editor's Choice Awards Sports Nutrition category showcased innovative products containing researched and branded ingredients.

However, the segment has always been ripe for funny business, and this year saw its fair share of legal and regulatory challenges for sports nutrition companies. As one trendy cluster of illegal ingredient fades away, the next group is ready to find the spotlight. This year saw the departure of prohormones and the arrival of selective androgenic receptor modulators (SARMs), which are touted as steroidesque without the side effects. The feds also began to step up enforcement action, leading to the indictment of a sports nutrition company late in the year for fraud.


This Prezi offers a look back at all these events from 2015. You click forward (to the right) to journey through the presentation.

The links you see are clickable and take you to INSIDER's more in-depth coverage on each topic. However, the Prezi is best viewed in full screen mode.

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