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Stepan Lipid Nutrition ~ Marinol

Article-Stepan Lipid Nutrition ~ Marinol

<p>Stepan Lipid Nutrition will launch Marinol omega-3 triglycerides in the United States at Ingredient Marketplace.</p>

MAYWOOD,N.J.—Stepan Lipid Nutrition, a manufacturer of specialty lipids for food, nutrition and pharmaceutical products, will launch Marinol omega-3 triglycerides in the United States at Ingredient Marketplace, June 2-3. Marinol has been successful in the European market for more than a decade. Marinol is made through a gentle, proprietary natural concentration and purification process, resulting in an optimized combination of sensory, science and safety benefits for essential omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

“The ingredient attributes which have made Marinol successful in Europe are ideal for overcoming formulation obstacles in supplement and food-based applications, while allowing customers to effectively deliver the associated cardiovascular and neurological health benefits for men and women of all life states and lifestyles," said Robert Bailey, global commercial development manager at Stepan Lipid Nutrition.

The Marinol process produces a clean tasting omega-3, which can be an issue for product developers and a concern for consumers. Also, according to Bailey, Marinol outperforms global industry monographs on a number of critical parameters.

 Marinol and its applications will be on display at Ingredient Marketplace 2014 at the Stepan Lipid Nutrition booth, No. 935.

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