Essential Fatty Acids: Omega-3s on the road to recovery

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids: Research and Marketing Update

Essential fatty acids (EFAs), omega-3sincluding docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)and omega-6s, are some of the most widely known and widely researched categories in the natural products space. Omega-3s have an incredible well of research supporting their use for brain, heart and joint health. Download the free Essential Fatty Acids Digital Pulse to explore the latest research supporting the use of EFAs, insight into properly marketing omega-3 products, and a look at the importance of sustainability in the krill industry. Takeaways include: *Emerging science in the omega-3 space has targeted skin health, exercise recovery, and resolvins/protectins. *Communication and education will be key to marketing efforts moving forward to ensure the omega-3 industry stays ahead. *Marine omega-3 brands need to ensure a sustainable supply for future growth and to meet consumer demands.

Table of Contents

  • Viewpoint: Getting Your Essentials
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • On the Defense: Education, communication critical to omega-3 marketing
  • Sustainability in the Krill Industry
  • Takeaways for Your Business

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