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Fuddruckers Celebrates Exotic Meat

AUSTIN, Texas Fuddruckers is offering a range of exotic-meat burgers to satisfy the adventurous palates of the non-hunters among us. The Fudds Exotics, as theyre called collectively, include buffalo burgers, elk burgers, wild boar burgers and ostrich burgers. Less exotic but also in the category are salmon filets.

The burger chain inaugurated Fudds Exotics in May with the introduction of buffalo burgers, which became the best-selling new-product rollout in the companys history. In July, customers can sink their teeth into elk burgers; September will bring wild-boar burgers; and November is ostrich-burger time.

Fudds Exotics are all-natural, free-range, grass- and grain-fed game burgers, and wild-caught salmon filet, that are 100% antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Fuddruckers describes the various exotic offerings as follows:

·         ½ lb. Buffalo Burgers - Tender and flavorful, zero trans fats and good source of iron.

·         ½ lb. Elk Burgers - Lean and savory, low in sodium and zero trans fats.

·         ½ lb. Wild Boar Burgers - Mild, sweet and smoky, low in fat and saturated fat, very low in sodium and zero trans fats.

·         7 oz. Ostrich Burgers - Lean and mild red meat with a clean taste, low in saturated fat, low in sodium and zero trans fats.

·         5 oz. Salmon Filets - Light and lean herb encrusted filet, low calorie, low in fat and saturated fat and contains essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Fudds Exotics offerings may vary regionally depending on local taste preferences.

For those with simpler, more traditional tastes, Fuddruckers will continue to offer it regular menu, in addition to the Fudds Exotics. This includes 1/3, ½ , 2/3 and 1 lb. Fudds Prime burgers grilled to order and placed on a scratch-baked bun made fresh daily in Fuddruckers restaurant bakeries.

Fuddruckers has nearly 200 restaurants throughout North America. Two-thirds of Fuddruckers restaurants are franchised by small business owners and multi-unit operators in cities and neighborhoods across 33 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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