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Research Shows NEM Helps Maintain Normal Inflammatory Response

<p>New research published explained how NEM, an eggshell membrane ingredient, supports healthy joints.</p>

New research on ESM Technologies' eggshell membrane ingredient, NEM has been released that explains how the product supports healthy joints.

NEM brand eggshell membrane has been shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in-vitro in mitogen-challenged, healthy human immune cells. The mechanism of action has been extended to in-vivo studies as well. The results of these studies were published in Modern Research in Inflammation (MRI 2014 Feb; 3(1) 19-25).

The in vivo studies were performed to evaluate the effects of NEM on pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines following oral administration in rats. The results showed substantial reductions of pro-inflammatory cytokines while having little effect on the anti-inflammatory cytokines. The initial studies in healthy rats demonstrated large reductions (up to 88 percent) in cytokines that occur later in the inflammatory cascade (MCP-1, MIP-1&#946;, RANTES, VEGF).  A follow-up study in inflammatory-challenged rats demonstrated significant reductions (40-44 percent) in IL-1&#946;, a key primary mediator of inflammation. 

We were pleased to find evidence that NEM® helps to maintain a normal inflammatory response in healthy animals.  And the novel nature of this finding formed the basis for a patent (U.S. 8,580,315) that was recently granted for this same indication," said director of scientific and regulatory affairs for ESM Kevin J. Ruff, Ph.D.

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